Stuck In A Rut? – You’re Trapped Inside The Prison of Your Own Mind!

Are you feeling stuck in a rut? Have you ever thought that you are trapped inside the prison of your own mind?

Feeling stuck in a rut is a feeling that many people will experience in their lifetime. Some people manage to shrug it off without so much as an afterthought. Others feel stuck in a rut for a little while longer. And finally there are those of you who find themselves stuck in a rut for a far longer period.

You feel like you are stuck in limbo, you know that you can’t go back, and you are too afraid to move forward. The thing that is actually keeping you feeling stuck is your own mind. You are making images in your minds-eye of a negative outcome to whatever action you are thinking of taking. The very worst prison that you will ever find yourself in is the prison of your own mind. Your own mind is the only thing that is keeping you stuck in a rut.

It isn’t the circumstances that you have found yourself in that’s keeping you stuck, it’s how you have pictured it in your own mind.

You have made a mountain out of a molehill, you have painted a picture of a negative outcome.

That’s the only thing that is keeping you stuck in a rut.

If you want to break free from the self-imposed prison that you find yourself in then you only need to take control of your thoughts and you will be able to set yourself free. Your mind is only capable of holding one single thought at a time. When you find yourself making negative mental images in your mind, you must stop immediately. Once you have done that you need to make a mental image of a positive outcome to your scenario.

I have an Acronym that will help you to do this.


It stands for; Thoughts > Feelings > Action > Results.

Your thoughts affect your feelings, your feelings affect your actions, and your actions affect your results.

Everything begins with the thoughts that you hold in your mind.

When you run worst case scenarios you are keeping your greatness held hostage.

You are keeping your hopes and dreams and desires locked away in the prison of your mind.

Once you take control of your thoughts you have control of your destiny. And once you have control of your thoughts and your destiny, you’re no longer stuck in a rut.